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And it gets better...

I got married Oct. 16, 2009, one day after Justin's 22 birthday. Justin got a job working at Moody's Electric out of Bay Minette, AL which is wayyy better than his job at Triple A Fire Protection out of Semmes, AL. He is in town and is making more money. I quit my job at Wal-Mart on Dec. 22, 2009 because i just could not take the hours and the horrible work environment (aka Nancy).

Now I am trying to find a different job of some sort.. and it may take a little bit but I will find one even if I have to go to taco bell. ugh lol

But that's really all that is new, but oh well...

Just a little update!

Ok, so it has been YEARS since my last post and let me tell ya I am so glad to be out of high school and out of all that drama..

Ok so some updates..

Mom left Dad in October of 2006 - now she is a recovering cocaine addict and alcoholic
I also started dating a guy named Bubba in October of 2006
I went to 1 semester of College at University of South Alabama after I graduated in 2007 (graduated with a 3.0 GPA :-D)
I scored a 26 on my ACT which in turn scored me a scholarship with South (paid half tuition and $500 of books)

Had a few off and on things going on with Dad. He never agreed with Bubba, so after a heated argument and him turning off my ATT cell phone, I left on New Years Eve.. Just prior to January 1, 2008. I lived with the Evans for about 4 months, rented an old nasty trailer with Bubba and we broke up in June, so I moved back home. I stayed there for approximately 6 more months and then I moved in with Bubba again on Dec 27 of 2008. I lived there until early February 2009, we had a minor altercation and I left one final time, stayed with the Evans for 2 - 3 weeks and moved in with my grandmother.

Then on March 7, 2009 I met Justin, who is the love of my life and I have never been happier :)

Then in June 2009, my grandmother decided it was time for my mother to get help. So, after Mom was kicked out of her boyfriend Ben's house by his mother, Grandma went to good old DIP and picked up mom and brought her home. I moved back to Dad's that same day.

And I am still at Dad's as of right now. But, I am renting Helen's house across the street with Justin starting October 1st, 2009.
The plan is still to get married as soon as money comes up but really all I want is a ring and then we can work out the rest later.

Thanks for reading you guys! Have a great one!

Oh and I am a Customer Service Manager at Wal-Mart lol. Yea, that might explain some stuff.
its crazy how things cane be just so lame in daphne
lifes going ok right now.. ive got a good job, family's being ok, less drama bc i dont let shit bother me.. its going good!

*knocks on wood*

Note to stupid people:
-dont try to screw it up
i really liked him but its ok bc he helped me get over michael.. and now i know i really want to be with louis.
so michael has pretty much cut me out of his life..

as has tony

this sucks
i tried so hard to impress you. even went as far as trying to impress your mom. but you know what, im just gonna be myself from now on. it isnt worth not being myself because she sees right through my lies of innocence.. whatever.. i want to be with you so bad i even asked you out! and i got an idk.. but whatever im to the point of forget it all, i give... but i cant bc you mean way too much.... not emotional,....
and to think i thought that i could trust you with my heart. you were like "i never cheated on you, you have no reason not to trust me" no baby, you never cheated but you just took my heart and did with it as you pleased. once you were done doing what you wanted, you had nothing left that you wanted from me. so fuck it, im done. im not ending it with you, my heart is still in a commotion. but you... you want to break up with me newayz right? so why dont you just do it? or do you not really want to? ya know.. its like youve got a gun to my head and you keep saying you might pull the trigger and all i can do is just bite my lip and look away and wonder if im gonna be ok or not... i dont know how to handle it!

too much emotion my ass. you just want to date somebody that has no problems and is perfect, im not that girl. i have feelings. im not a freaking stepford wife. im sorry...
its so nice to finally be dating you again. and its so nice to not have to hide it from the world. now that i know how you really feel. its amazing how things can jst turn around